Perforatore medio - Snow Crystal

Perforatore medio - Snow Crystal

  • €4,95
Tasse incluse.

Perforatore medio con motivo a forma di fiocco di neve, ideale per impreziosire i vostri progetti di scrapbooking.

Dimensioni: circa 1,6 cm

Adatto fino ad uno spessore carta di 220 g/m2 (per forme semplici anche 300 g/m2)


5/8" hand held punches ergonomically designed for your ease of use. Punches up to 300gsm! Can be punched by pressing down on a flat surface or even upside down. Check out the Christmas designs! Perfect for card making, scrapbooking, gift wrapping and decorations.Simpler designs can punch through 300gsm but added pressure needed for more detailed designs. for best results try 90-215gsm which with regular use can also increase product lifespan.

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